25 Questions About SCAMdemic To Ask Idiots

25 Questions About SCAMdemic To Ask Sheeple Idiots


I have not watched Television Programming for years now
I went in a large supermarket & have you noticed nobody talks to one another it’s like zombies
Remove TV, advertisements & acting like you have it could you tell there was a deadly pandemic?



Ask your friends and family still believe that we’re in the middle of a deadly pandemic number one is there really is a pandemic in why don’t we hear the constant sound of ambulance sirens throughout the day and night.

If there really is a pandemic in why are all the younger takers saying that doesn’t either normal or less than usual number

If there really is a pandemic in why don’t we see endless queues of people at cemeteries in crematoriums bearing their loved ones number for if there really is a pandemic in why or the statistics saying that the death rate was within normal parameters last year.

If there really is a pandemic didn’t I have all the normal influenza this almost disappeared the

If the 1st lockdown did not work. Why are we doing it again and the masks didn’t work then what are we doing the same thing again expecting a different outcome.

Why is the government listening to their own very small panel of experts and refusing to listen to the vast majority of doctors nurses and health experts.

Why are scenes of pandemonium in hospitals on TV Why do we see things of pandaemonium in hospitals on TV when in reality and the 10 is there really is a pandemic number

If the pandemic started in 2019 then how did all the government’s around the world order and deliver covid-19 PCR test kits before in 2018 number

If used and discarded masks could be highly contagious in why do we see thousands of littering the streets and countryside for

If there really is a worldwide pandemic and why does the rules and regulations differ greatly from city city and country to country number

If it doesn’t affect children in way of the schools shut number

If masks work in why haven’t we been using them every year for the fu number

Why have we never seen people killing over and dying in the streets number

If we should avoid crowds of people then why are the supermarkets that can hold hundreds of people open and your corner shop with any room for 3 people shut up number

Why is the government calling positive PCR test cases and not just a positive result number

Why has the BBC and all other media outlets failed to tell you that the world Health Organisation has published an update saying that the PCR test unreliable and should not be used number

Can carry up to 30-ft in while we socially distancing only six feet and why are you ok with rubbing poisoning and your skin 10 times a day number

Why do we need an experimental DNA changing bags in for a virus with a 99.97 recovery rate number

If the vaccine works can you still catch and transmit the disease after you get the wrestling number

If you had the vaccine then why do you still have to wear a mask and social distance number

How many people do you personally know who have died from covid-19 compare that number to how many people you know who have vaccine damaged family members open your eyes everyone and look around ask yourself next time you leave the house am I really seeing a deadly pandemic if the answer to the last question is yes then you really need to turn off your television it is much easier to fool somebody and convince them that they have been fooled