London Lockdown 2021 March 20th

Worldwide Lockdown March 2021 20th March Uncut Uncensored Real Life People

London 2021 march 20th 2021 covid lock down protest
London 2021 march 20th 2021 covid lock down protest

As the government owned main stream fake MSM pretended this did not happed.

The UK Government owned #BBCNEWS, Sky News and the rest of talking script non-journalism puppets. answer was a couple of hundred people joined a small gathering to cause trouble.

If idiots still believe in this propaganda television programming called news. They really do deserve what is coming down the line. There is nothing more I can say apart from good luck.

Real News as tens of thousands march in solidarity together as one across London and world. Opening the eyes of the new world order chanting we are the 99%. Below is the tens of thousands of conspiracy theories with doctors are nurses that have learnt the hard way. Speaking the truth.



The new worlds order medical leader #BillGates would’ve already undoubtedly expected some pushback. As him and his Davos/devil buddies Long planned the world takeover.

And as sheep queue like cattle to the slaughter in line obviously social distancing and following the so called rules.

That are placed on the floor and on the multiple hundreds of signs with the state owned media apparatus of conditioning you see each day.

Following on from the Government mainstream media Bill Gates has now bought into much and all I will papers and what we see on your television programming.

And as your journalists of yesteryear disappear into the Abis of when there was a aloud to challenge the government. The problem is the non-journalist are today participating in helping there own doom.

As they can’t seem to grasp the concept that they’re going to be in the same predicament and they must be under the illusion that they’re going to be saved. Which couldn’t be further from the truth.

No doubt all day on Twitter the #CovidIdiots Will BeTrending as they haven’t got the balls non the brains or intellect to work out what is going on.

They call everybody conspiracy theorists and everybody else are idiots apart from themselves. Maybe to make them feel better inside that they are just a sheep.

I wondered at one point prior to the Covid so-called vaccine if people were told if they stuck their head in a bucket of horse shit I can quite imagine they’ve been the same fiasco as the toilet rolls shortages. As the brainwashed Masses worship the lies.

If the plan was not been in the making for that long how did this guy know Mr George Orwell in 1984. Listen to his words and insert them into what is happening now.


London March 2021 Saturday 20th March 2021 was the first time I felt normal in a long time. I am sure everybody was having a great time and it was a much needed uplifting boost to morale.

And give me some very needed inspiration. I am not alone anymore don’t know if you’ve got that feeling. When I talk to my family and friends it is like they’re under a spell. Propaganda arm of Government is using all its tools available for propaganda and to be quite frank it is working.

The provocateurs face nappy foot soldiers formerly known as the police for the governments new world order must think they’re going to be spared. It’s going to be harsh reality when they leave and they will soon be tied up in tyranny they are trying to now protect how sad.

And has been in the making for many decades now. The 1% has clearly entered the room this is now Undeniably what is going on.

And it’s nice to see the right people on the right side of history. In a pandemic that bad that they have to manipulate death certificates introduced 28 days dying of anything. Has to be Covid 19. The flu has left the building no more common colds all gone.

Please enjoy these uplifting videos from warriors that just want there basic human rights. And bring up their children as they seem fit and well. Not dictated to by a bought of government with money interest only.