World War 3

World War 3

What will world war 3 look like. Well it is quite clear all nations are currently in a war against an invisible enemy. You only have to look at a few YouTube clips to work this out.

But more importantly who is the enemy and if you haven’t worked this out God help you. So to let you into the picture you the public of the enemy.

Information war is become the most prevalent aspects of everyday life. As you watch your television programming it is quite clear. Investigation journalism ceases to exist anymore and a simply scripts readers.

True investigational independent journalism has become more truthful. The mainstream media however suppresses any other talking points and everything else is just misinformation now.

To the point where it is becoming clear that you’re not allowed to speak the truth no more and your loyalties are to the party i.e government. As George Orwell said in 1984. Unfortunately George L would’ve winced at the state of the world today.

Go back to the report I’m James Corbett your tune into questions for Corbett and this week’s question comes in from Chrissy who writes regarding World War II.

Clearly this is not going to be that with troops aircraft carriers tanks etc any more than it will be savers on horseback if he seems to eliminate as many people as possible than bombs are a good move especially nuclear but you risk removing members of the elite families and surely that has to be avoided do they all.

Retreat onto islands in the Pacific for the Caribbean any thoughts alright thank you very much for the question Chrissy and yes in fact I do have quite a few thoughts on this subject I hope people will type World War II into the search bar at Corbett report.

To find some of the material that I’ve done this subject over the years I’ve done quite a lot of material on this subject over the years especially in the past couple of years as some of my farts on this subject of begins to solidify and one of the things one of the conclusions I can’t use that yes you were completely right of course World War 3.

What will will world war 3 look like
What will will world war 3 look like

Will not involve dramatic battles on on a battlefield with troops lining up facing each other in Trench warfare WWI style that is not World War III would ever look like at this point I just as WWI looked nothing like warfare of the 19th century.

And World War II looked nothing like warfare in the WWI era the technological developments necessitated completely different stratagems and completely different conceptualizations of what warfare even is and well you better believe 80 + years on from the World War II.

Battles yes things are going to look very very different in the next 21st century framework for World War so yes having said that I think there will be a lot of things that we don’t even conceptualise as warper say that will be important perhaps decisive elements of Great War great powers war in the 21st century cyberwar biowarfare.

Financial warfare asymmetric warfare many different information warfare will be an exceptionally important part of the whatever is going to happen in the century. Is it plays out so yes absolutely it will not look anything like water is we’ve known it and I don’t even think it’s going to be bombs bombing specific targets that’s going to be that the sight of measure in any of these battles that will be part of World War II.

But having said all of that there is an even more important underlying Factor to this concept of World War II and the way that it’s been employed in fact this is one of the first things that I picked up on when I started covering the coronavirus crisis.

As it was starting to unfold back in March of this year one of my first takes on this was a piece of the road for the international forecast for cold this is what World War II looks like where.

I noted that all of the signs that we are engaged in warfare right now are already there as I was starting to talk about that time troops on the streets check mass panic check Marshall OneRepublic been told the bed now hatchimals check and check world leaders telling their populations that the enemy is to blame for all the Carnage Jack and check.

I give lots of examples of that and then I go onto site some of the examples of the leaders the missus leaders who were employing the war rhetoric and language at that time to describe the war with the invisible enemy in trump declaring himself a wartime president.

In the netting wartime legislation and McClelland new song of Boris Johnson and moon jae-in in basically every leader of every every power structure on a planet the lighting in the idea of being able to declare the sense of War because of course that gives them great power and leverage.

To discard the pesky rules those pesky things that are rights in trying and some piece of paper somewhere that we don’t have time for that at war with an invisible Enemy.

No less important part of the new constructs for that’s coming interview for example how this fits into the World War II narrative that we are going to be fed through the 21st century which.

I have talked about before the Great War great powers war of the 21st century the narrative that we’re being fed is broadly speaking the US the Unitary world superpower the unquestioned unchallengeable world superpower and it’s allies will be put against China and Russia and Iran and North Korea.

Whoever else you want to throw into that axis of Evil or whatever it will be cold in the conflict of the 21st century but essentially will boiled down to if you want to boil a down to us vs China. And this is a concept this battle is something like talking about at length many many times so please look into my archives for this but boiling point.

It essence I’m going to say that the 21st century great narrative of the great war between the US and china is going to be absolutely as phony stage rigged manipulated as the mirrored of the great war of the 20th century. Which turned out to be cold war of course between the us and the mighty Soviet Union was phony manipulated conflict no again there are many many different things that need to be said here many stipulations that need to be made and of course many have yet that yes of course many of the people in.

I wouldn’t imagine the vast majority of the people in the various power structures in each of these various nation-states truly do can see that the other side of this as their enemy and what have you and yes there that the conflict is genuine in the sense that will be real conflict and as always the people. I are you and me and our children and whoever else will pay for this conflict with our blood while the people manipulating this consulate will be laughing all the way to the bank.

As usual but nonetheless I think they will be real conflict in real military ration that behind the scenes will be manipulated in there are many different things that we have to note about that manipulation and how it occurs and why and under what presents but as I say I’ve talked about this many many times I’ve talked about the staged in manipulated cold war era and the work of staged events.

Anthony sudden in exposing how the the Soviet Union with the paper tiger constructed out of lendlease and other transfer programs of technology and a day various sorts from the US to their archenemy boogeyman the Soviet Union which they made into a bogeyman.

And the very similar shall we say a very similar process has taken place over the past few decades to create the Chinese Dragon which did not just appear out of nowhere but as. I said I’ve talked to about this many many times trying and the new world order and the various iterations on that seem so.

I will throw some links in the show notes in case you want to explore that further and I did not that in this article on this is what World War II look like rhino ditto look they’re starting to roll out that that narrative right here because of course it was then they’re Chinese tricomms.

That did this virus on the world and they got to pay for it I tell you and so suddenly just look that switching suddenly a large portion of the public can be whipped into a frenzy of hatred against those desperately Chinese you of course. Of polluting the world with there dangerous virus and the only way to combat the virus is to start implementing the Chinese style police state.

Everywhere Around the World does it is terrible when they do it it’s great when we do it again I’m trust that my regular audience knows how this game works but that goes to the deeper and more fundamental underlying point. That I want to bring out here which is that World War III.

I think is already underway in fact it looks so different from any other form of warfare we have ever experienced that we do not recognise it even as it is happening but it raises the most important question of all who is this war actually directed against who is the enemy in this war.

And of the answer may surprise you as I talk about in that article I say even as I type the troops are being deployed in country after country and who are they putting your guns. At their fellow countrymen cyber warfare operations are being waged right now to knockout enemies communication systems and to label all enemy transmissions as this information.

But who is being targeted in all of this citizen journalists and pins spiracy reelists destabilization campaigns are being waged but the attacker is are the democratic party primaries and the establishment press trying to undermine political decisions made by Reverend and the academic establishment rallying opposition against democratically elected governments. In the supposedly free world and where is just a few months ago protests and demonstrations were so pervasive all around the globe that I dictated in entire column to the phenomenon now country after country is declaring gatherings of more than 10 people to be illegal.

Well obviously we moved on from that paradigm but you get you get where we were time and time again we find that the war that is being waged is a war by government military financial and corporate power against the masses of humanity.

That would oppose them this is the true Nature of World War II it is being waged right now and in the eyes of the authority we are the enemy and Incredibly important point yes World War II. Is underway and it is a war by the authoritarian the Orthodox the would be rulers and controllers of society against free humanity. WhatsApp whatever is the left of the dregs of one’s free humanity and the primary method by which this is being waged at this particular juncture is not the war on terror paradigm which we are exhibiting but the biosecurity paradigm.

Which we are entering and we’re only starting to get a taste of what that will involve but it is warfare waited on the public and the best short to-the-point encapsulation of that new paradigm that I have seen articulated anywhere is by Giorgio agamben who wrote biosecurity and politics and I want to read a little bit of that to give you a sense of where this warfare is going so he writes about Michael O’Brien by Patrick zilberman in publications from 2013 that describe the process.

By which health security hitherto on the margins of political calculations was becoming an essential part of state and international political strategies at issue was nothing less than the creation of the sort of healthcare as an instrument for governing what are called worst case scenarios it is according to this logic of the worst that already in 2005 the world Health Organization announced.

2 to 150 million deaths from bird flu approaching suggesting political strategy that States were not yet ready to accept the time is over and shows that the apparatus being suggested was articulated in three points. Won the construction on the basis that they possible risk of a fictitious scenario in which data are presented in such a way as to promote behaviours that allow for governing an extreme situation to the adult option of the logic of the worst as a redeem for Political rationality.

Three the total organisation of the body of citizens in a way that strengthens maximum adherence the institutions of government producing sort of superlative of good citizenship in which impose obligations are presented as evidence. Of altruism and the citizen no mother has a right to health health safety but becomes juridica your blood to health biosecurity what does Ova mean. Describe into 2013 has now been duly confirmed it is evident that apart from the emergency situation.

With certain virus that me in the future be replaced by another issue is the design of a paradigm of governance whose efficacy will exceed that of all forms of government does far in the political history of the West. If already in the progressive decline of the ologies and political beliefs security reasons allows citizens to accept limitations on the Liberty that they previously were unwilling to accept biosecurity has shown itself capable of presenting the absolute cessation of all political activity and all social relations as the maximum form of Civic participation.

That it was possible to see the paradox of organisations of the left traditionally in the Habit of claiming rights in dancing violations of the constitution accepting limited limitations on Liberty made by ministerial decree devoid of any legal basis in. Which even fascism couldn’t dream of imposing it is evident and government authorities themselves do not cease to remind us of it that so-called social distancing will become the model of politics that awaits us and that as the representatives of the so-called task force announced whose members are in an obvious conflict of interest.

With the role they expected to exercise advantage will be taken of this distancing to substitute digital technological apparatus is everywhere in place of human physicality which as such become subject of suspect of contagion political contagion let it be understood University lessons as mi you or has already recommended will be Stable online for next year you will no longer recognise yourself by looking in your face which might be covered with a mask but through digital devices that recognise bio data which is compulsorily collected and any crowd with a form for Political reasons or simply for friendship will continue to be prohibited at issue was an entire conception of the destinies of human Society.

From a perspective that in many ways seems to have adopted the apocalyptic idea of the end of the world from religions which are now in their sunset having replaced politics with the economy now in order to secure governance even this must be integrated with the new paradigm of biosecurity to which all other exigencies will have to be sacrificed it is legitimate to ask whether such as society can still be define or whether the loss of sensible relations of the face of friendship of love can be truly compensated for by an abstract and presumably completely fictitious health security powerful.

Words and I hope that people understand what is at stake here again we are being stepped into a new paradigm and whatever disruption has come along in that that narrative in the past 3 weeks it is coming back and you may have noticed there prepping a public for the second wave and the second wave of shutdowns and we have to like the behavioral conditioning switch of the the behavioral conditioners the social engineers training the Pigeon.

To go round in circles well we’re going to train the public to lockdown social distance on wear your mask all of these things are being placed as essentially offering conditioning and that is what is happening right now we are being placed in the new paradigm and unless and until we see and understand and internalize this as warfare that is being waged not buy some nation-state not that tricomms not the ruskies not anymore available boogieman.

That are held out in front of you but by the would be controllers and leaders of our own societies against their own populations until we understand that is the operative paradigm in which were functioning we will never even understand that World War II has already commenced in it is directed against you until you see that CCTV camera pointing to the facial recognition system that’s going to be like your biometric ID is going to be linked to your digital cash as payment is going to be going to your immunity Passport.

That will allow you Grant you access to this area or deny you access to that area and understand that is the weaponry that is being used against us in this world war that is playing out right now for complete control. Not of this or that geographical territory but of the Globe itself until we truly understand. That and see it for what it is however even begin to fight back however even in gay page in the battle if we do not understand that battle is taking place that is the issue that is what is at stake entire future history of civilisation itself once again.

I am lost for words how to articulate this in a way that people will see it all I can do is keep throwing darts at the Board until a million darts line-up and you start to see the picture I hope that this helps to frame it in a way that you understand it but see the weaponry that is being rolled out right now that is being deployed against you as weaponry in a war. That is being waged right now for the most important territory on the planet the territory between your ears that is what this is ultimately about and biosecurity is the latest iteration of the narrative that they’re going to use to try to to win that war so thank you for the question Chris you asking important question I know you were looking for as long as certain task but.

I think this other path is truly the real way that we have to encapsulate understand what is happening right now and it’s the most important if you would be dealing with and at the risk of jinxing you’re teasing too much but every right this is part of a longer project that I am working on that I wish wish completed because it would be exceptionally relevant to the area that will eventually right now but unfortunately these things take time and it will be ready when it’s ready but I do have a lot more to say on the subject and you will hear it in the future that today thank you for the question and thank you to all of you out there for your support I do appreciate